About Us

where can i order Keppra Our site GoMedical.Technology is a website designed to support Go Medical Industries website GoMedical.com.au to help educate people internationally about Go Medical and it’s unique technology.

Go Medical is a business started from the ground up specialising in developing technology from the unique ideas that founder George O’Neil has. In the late 1970’s George started developing his first inventions and since then he has significantly grown his ideas out of a shed in his backyard to an international company providing enough work to keep more than 100 people employed each year for more than 15 years.

As Go Medical has been quietly working towards the long term goal of turning a medical device company into a pharmaceutical business there is a lot of technology that we can’t talk about on this website. However, this website is to share what we can on the technology that we can tell you about.

This website is not the official website for Go Medical and hence it does not provide a lot of the technical information that the official website is required to and is not a website designed for distributors and customers working with Go Medical. Rather this website is designed more for nurses and patients working with Go Medical devices who are interested in more simple and basic information to understand the technology Go Medical produces in a more easy to understand manner. This website is also a response to the potential confusion arising from the somewhat generic sounding name of the company “Go Medical” in respect to international marketing of Go Medical. While Go Medical believes that their business name is a brilliant business name, search engines sometimes find the name common in some countries and by adding the word “Technology” to the end of it, this website will appear in some places that our main website doesn’t.

In this website we also make a point of using the hashtag #GoMedicalTechnology as part of the website image as we believe that this hashtag is often easier to find than using the words together in search engines. It is part of the website approach to have a hashtag for every product discussed on the website to help educate people find our technology easier.